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Mental Health Skill Building
Life Coaching Skills
  • Provide supports to improve self confidence, self esteem and self worth​

  • Support the individual with creating more fulfillment, balance and joy in their life 

  • Support the individual with managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change​

  • Support and assist the individual with creating personal and professional goals that are aligned with what is important in their life ​

  • Help the individual discover what motivates them personally so they can reach their goals ​

  • Learn new life skills to better navigate change and embrace uncertainty in the life of the individual 

  • Support with functional skills

  • Support with safety skills

  • Support with money management skills

  • Support with mental health recovery

  • Support with community involvement & socialization

 Health & Wellness
  • Educate on the importance of physical fitness

  • Encourage healthy eating through example and education

  • Provide access to a certified Personal Trainer through fun weekly / bi monthly exercise classes (When available)

Family Support Services


  • Provide referrals and links to community resources​

  • Provide advocacy services when needed​

  • Transportation services​

  • Support groups and the option of therapy when applicable​

  • Identify strengths, needs and current resources and work with the family to create a plan​

Parent Support & Guidance


  • Recognize safety issues​

  • Provide positive example while in the home and out in the community​

  • Set appropriate boundaries

  • Provide therapeutic interventions to conflict​ resolutions 

  • Provide support with managing stress effectively​

  • Provide positive reinforcement

  • Establish clear expectations​

(When applicable)

*Specializing in individuals who have suffered from the effects of domestic violence*

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