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To equip our individuals and support them while addressing daily living challenges through the services that we provide. Gifted Enterprises offers a structured program of care to meet the individuals physical and emotional needs and provide guidance and supervision when needed. Gifted Enterprises will also strive to exceed all objectives required through person centered planning.​

Gifted Enterprises is a leading provider of family support to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We deliver quality services that our families appreciate and deserve. Our individuals and their families are provided with one on one support and we do not cut corners to compromise our standards. Gifted Enterprises has built strong relationships with other organizations in and around the community so that our name is well respected and trusted. With Gifted Enterprises individuals and their families can be assured to receive the best quality care in family support services.


At Gifted Enterprises, we are committed to our individuals and believe by understanding and respecting their needs we can strive to meet their expectations by providing effective and quality services.

Management Philosophy
Our Mission
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